A Random Beginning

I’ve been meaning to do these blogs for years but always put them off, probably because my weekly 60 or 70 hours of normal work was more than enough, and the energy to write normal blogs just wasn’t there!

However I have over the past 12 months restructured our business and this has freed up lots more time for me to do something like this.  Plus I have been encouraged to do them…

I’m 62 going on 63 years now and this July marks 30 years working with aboriginal people from the Utopia Region of the Northern Territory here in Australia (North East of Alice Springs).  And what a journey it has been!  And still is!!   It all started strictly as a business but not for long.  Passion crept in!  But to make it all work business acumen and energy was extremely important way back then as it still is today!

It all started strictly as a business but not for long.  Passion crept in!

I’ve questioned myself as to what I should write in my blogs!   Do I start from the beginning and try and tell a chronological story, or do I just write various stories, happenings, events, ideas, adventures and all of those things as I roll along???   Give myself a license to meander here and there and perhaps from time to time lose anyone that may be silly (or game) enough to follow along with me??  How much do I write?  How often do I write?  Do I give my political opinions (I do with a couple of wines in me at a BBQ )?  Do I express my honest, experienced based thoughts about complex ideological equations?

Well I think, certainly at this time, I will write journey stories and make reference outside of Utopia Region experiences, including other business experiences and my 11 ½ years in the Northern Territory police force.  The blog and stories will be random and not in any order, and will cover my 41 years in the N.T.  (and who knows, maybe a few references before that if I can remember that far back.)

I’ve been married to my lovely wife Jan for almost 38 years, and we have 4 terrific grown up daughters and a son.  We also have 9 grand children ranging in ages from 15 down to 1 year old.   All the kids and grandies were born in the Territory, and we get together regularly and they have all been great support to me over the years and still to this day.

A very summarized working background over these past 41 years is the following:

  • In 1975 I joined the NT Police Force before leaving in 1986.
  • In 1986 I started my own business. I bought a truck and delivered stores to many outlying aboriginal outstations in Central Australia, mainly in the Utopia Region.
  • 1987 I bought Mbantua General Store in Alice Springs, and combined it with the truck run. This store also had an aboriginal art section in it.
  • Mbantua Gallery was created in the late 1980’s – this first one was at 303 Unley Road in Adelaide.

So I think this very broad start will be a good place to finish my first blog, stay tuned for more.


Featured photograph: Tim pictured with artists Doreen and Harold Payne and their family in the Utopia region, NT Australia.